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6 Tips for Effective Email Marketing

Irrespective of many predictions stating that Email Marketing will fade away and soon it will be replaced by social media marketing, that day has not yet arrived. It is true that SMM helps in generating leads but what we should not forget is that, email converts lead into customer.

Studies have shown that in 2013, around 3.6 billion people had email accounts. And this number had increased to approximately 4.3 billion in 2016. People still responds to emails that are right for them. This means email marketing conducted in the right manner will never fail to generate profits. Thus, discussed below are few tips that will guide any businessperson to carry out email marketing in a very effective way.

Best Tips for Effective Email Marketing

  1. Segment your Email List:

Since your email list is the source to target your audience, does not mean that you will shoot your email to everyone mentioned in the data. To make your email marketing a success, it is vital to understand whom you are sending your emails and to serve what purpose. For example, if you want to create awareness about your press release, then you need to mail to media person and not any student or retired professional, only because they are part of your email list.

  1. Personalize your Email:

Don’t address you customers simply as “Dear” or “Hey”. Nowadays, people love it when they receive anything with a personal touch. Currently the trend is to address directly by the individual’s name. This grabs the reader’s attention and will motivate him/her to read further down your email.

  1. Time:

Owing to the fact, how busy the current generation is, time plays an imperative role in open rates. As per marketing experts, 8:00 PM till midnight is the perfect slot to shoot your emails. Even weekends work great for sending emails to relevant customers. Generally, during these hours, people are back at home and possess more time to open any emails and to go through them in details.

  1. User Friendly:

With widespread popularity of Smartphone, more and more people have started using their phones for internet browsing. In such a situation, if your email happens to look funky on mobile phone, then it is obvious your email marketing will not be a hit. Instead, design your emails in a way that they look impressive enough, no matter from where they are being opened.

  1. Give Away Something:

Initially, when you start off, try to offer free content to your customers. But care needs to be taken to make your free content so impressive that it should sound much better than the paid contents of other. This way you will win the trust of your customer and they will not hesitate to sign in for subscriptions. Thus, you will witness a drastic increase in your conversion rate.

  1. Compelling Subject Line:

The subject line in an email speaks a lot. It is the main attention grabber which will make your email marketing either to win or to lose. The more crisp, informative & impressive it is, the better the open rate. Either highlight some offers, discounts or special activity taking place from your end.

It can be concluded that if you start implementing these 6 tips for effective email marketing, your efforts will soon become productive.

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